23 Sep

Print & Media

Our media philosophy is straightforward: You don’t need to outspend your competitors. What you do need to do is outsmart them, and you do that by becoming more efficient and more targeted in your placements.

Our extensive media research allows us to dig deeper so you can be sure we?re effectively reaching your targets. Our negotiating power ensures you’ll reach them for less. With the help our Partners and Subsidiaries we have succeeded

UNWIND Magazine :
A High quality magazine distributed FREE among selected elites increasing your chances of patronage. with a Print-Run of 10,000 copies per edition, UNWIND Magazine is found in most elites homes, offices, Airlines, hotels etc.
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We are in partnership with most shows on TV. allowing us to slot in programs, adverts etc at half the cost.

TV spots. Display advertising. Outdoor boards. Radio. Mobile and paid search ads. These are just a few ways your brand can connect with your audience.

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