23 Sep

Response Marketing

Businesses cannot live on brand awareness alone. Getting your audience to act is an integral part of every marketing mix. It takes a response-marketing agency with a little creative instinct and a whole lot of data insights.

We enlist every medium to drive response. We get people’s attention and provoke action through highly targeted print, broadcast and online advertising. We also pull people to your call-to-action with search engine optimization, content marketing and social media. Using sophisticated tools like Marchex, CoreMedia and Google Analytics, we track each step of every interaction. We can track response from the calls and the clicks to store visits, purchases and beyond. Daily monitoring of this data allows us to make adjustments as we analyze. It also provides the insights that drive our creative process, which is where the hard science ends and the magic begins.

Shares. Likes. Posts. Blogs. Tweets. They have all become powerful tools in the marketing mix. In fact, our social media strategies turn everyday people into your best brand advocates. And we’d love to share a few of those strategies with you.

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